I’m still using chip sealers

I’m not a huge fan of chip sealer.

While I love the look of their product, I prefer their product over those made by the likes of Costco.

The price is usually lower and it’s cheaper.

I’ve been using Chip Semen Cleaner, which is also available at Costco for a good price.

I like that it has an expiration date, as well as it’s foam applicator.

It’s one of the cheapest products I’ve found for using chip-sealers.

 However, I don’t think I’ll be using Chip Sealers anymore.

The silicone has been too thick.

When I bought this product, the silicone was thicker than most of the other chip seal products I’d tried.

The thicker silicone didn’t feel like it was going to last as long.

When it dries, the gel doesn’t have a strong adhesive hold on it.

That made it very difficult to remove the product.

I also didn’t like that there was a little bit of silicone residue on the surface of the chip seal.

That residue doesn’t do any good in my opinion.

Chip Seman Cleaner is also a little more expensive than the Costco chips, at $10.99.

However, it still works.

I don.

I haven’t been using any of the cheaper chip seal options I’ve tried, and I’ve never had a chip-sized leak on me.

When they’re not in stock, I’ll definitely try Chip Seme Cleaner.

The gel is thick and absorbs easily.

The smell is slightly unpleasant, but not too bad.

The foam applicators are nice, but they aren’t sticky.

I’ve never liked using the gel, but I’ve since switched to the clear acrylic sealers.

When you put it on, the foam is a little thicker than the chip-semen cleaner.

When used on its own, it feels very nice and does its job.

If I were to buy chip-soap again, I’d try this product.

It still has the same sticky smell, but it does a better job of removing the sticky gel.

If you want a chip seal product, though, I highly recommend getting this one.