Florida’s largest vacuum seal bag is being sold on eBay

Florida state seal bag maker Duct Seal is getting a little nostalgic with a new vacuum seal that uses its patented “flour-filled polyester” material to seal up its bags and vacuum seal bags.

The company announced on Tuesday that its newest product, the Flour-Filled Polyester Seal Bag, is now available on eBay.

It costs $20 and is available to buy on the company’s website for $40.

The FlourFilledPolyester Seal is the companys latest product in its Flour Fill Polyester series, a line of bags that it developed in partnership with a company in Japan.

Duct seal bags are meant to seal the inside of a vacuum seal and are popular for vacuum sealing small appliances like vacuum cleaners and dryers.

The bag is made from a combination of polyester and waxes, which Duct says “will help to keep the bag dry, soft, and breathable.”

Duct has been in the vacuum seal business for decades, but this is its first commercial product.