The NBA playoffs could be a preview of what happens in 2019

Fox Sports has released a new report that shows the 2017 NBA Finals could be the first time since 2008 that the NBA will have a full slate of the postseason.

The report, based on NBA stats and the league’s pre-season schedule, projects the 2017-18 regular season will see the NBA playoffs return to a full regular season with a full 20-game slate of games.

The 2016 NBA Finals, for example, saw a full 12 games.

The preseason schedule has also been trimmed and is expected to feature a shortened schedule, which means a total of eight teams will play a full 16-game schedule, according to Fox Sports.

The league will likely also see a reduction in playoff game time, which could mean more time for the league to promote a star player or team before the playoffs.

The 2016-17 regular season saw the most games played since 2009.

In that year, the NBA saw an average of 11.2 games per night, which was nearly double the 7.8 games per game in 2017.

The NBA has also had to make a number of roster changes since then, including the departure of guard Kevin Durant to the Golden State Warriors.

The league also has moved players in and out of the rotation and has not had a team in the playoffs since the 2013-14 season.

In addition to that, the 2018-19 season saw a total drop in games played from 13.2 per game to 11.1 per game.

The 2017-2018 season also saw a drop from 10.6 games per team to 9.3.