Fat seal clubbing the seal off her own head

In this clip, the adorable and very happy seals are enjoying a big meal of cod.

Then, as the seals are eating their meal, a group of sealers begins a seal club.

It sounds like an innocent and harmless play.

Except that these seals are not only being threatened by this group of hunters, they are being punished for it.

The sealers have been caught on video hitting the sealers in the head and neck with a stick, as well as dragging the seal down a rocky cliff.

In another video, a sealer is heard screaming that the seal is going to be killed.

It’s a terrifying sight for the seal and his owners, who say they were just trying to feed the seal the cod they had been eating.

The sealers claim that their actions were not in defense of the seal, but were meant to scare the seal away from his food.

The video shows the seal being hit by the stick as he tries to escape from the hunters.

The seals’ owners, however, say they are not going to take the threat lightly.

They have filed a lawsuit against the hunters, claiming that the seals were injured when they were hit with the stick.

The lawsuit claims that the video shows a seal being killed by the seal clubbers.

The owner of the seals, Jazmin Rodriguez, told ABC News that they have a long history of defending their species and the fact that this particular attack was not intentional was not the reason for their action.

“It was an intentional attack,” she said.

“It was very, very cruel and I would like to see something like this stopped.”

Rodriguez said that she and her husband, Juan Carlos Rodriguez, were watching the seals eat from a food cart on their property in San Antonio when they saw this happen.

The video shows several of the hunters using their clubbing sticks to strike the seals’ heads and necks.

The stick is used to strike seals at the end of their tails and tails.

In one instance, the clubbing stick is also seen hitting the seals in the back of the head.

“The seal on the back was really swollen,” said Rodriguez.

“The other one was not so swollen and we saw it in the video and the person had been hitting the head with the clubber stick.

We don’t think that was intentional.

They hit it in a good spot and the seal just kind of slipped off the club.

We tried to get the seal out of the cart, and I got the seal in my arms,” Rodriguez added. “

As soon as the seal went off the hook, it was really painful,” Rodriguez said.

“We tried to get the seal out of the cart, and I got the seal in my arms,” Rodriguez added.

“When he went out the cart we didn’t want to do anything about it.”

The owners claim that the hunters were also using their clubs to strike their dogs, and the dogs were injured in the process.

“There was a dog that was on the ground bleeding,” said Jazmine Rodriguez.

The owner of that dog was not injured.

Rodrigue said that the only reason she and Juan Carlos were able to protect their pets was because they were able watch them being killed on camera.

“They said they were going to kill the dog and we could watch,” she added.

“This is our family,” said Juan Carlos.

“I don’t want this to happen to anyone else.

I want them to be happy.

I don’t care if they’re sick or if they have cancer.

I just want them not to die like this.”

The owner and his wife, Juanita Rodriguez, said that they would continue to take their seal hunting seriously and are currently preparing to file a lawsuit.