How to remove grease from wax seal kits

This is how to remove excess grease from your wax seal.

This method can also be used on other seal products like fat seal plush.


Remove any grease that you can see from the inside of the wax seal, like grease from the plastic bag.


Wrap the inside with some tissue paper, like a clean towel or cotton swab.


Wrap a piece of duct tape or electrical tape around the wax sealing kit and put it around the plastic container.


Wrap another piece of electrical tape over the plastic seal bag and seal it with the duct tape.


Put the wax sealed seal on the wax container.6.

Wrap some electrical tape and tape around and around the seal, and make sure the tape is snug around the glue.7.

Use a toothpick to carefully push the tape around to release any remaining grease.8.

Remove the wax kit from the wax carrier and place it in the freezer.

Remove a wax seal from the freezer by putting a toothpicks in the plastic and using a nail file to pry off any excess glue from the rubber seal and adhesive.9.

Take the wax from the seal and place a small amount of glue in the wax bag.

Put a toothpaste tube in the middle of the seal.10.

Use your fingers to pull the glue from around the adhesive.

Make sure the glue is dry before you put it on the seal seal.11.

Place the wax on the freezer, seal, seal and seal again.

If you want to remove the glue before you seal, just pull off the wax, and then put it back on the glue seal.12.

Put some glue on the outside of the plastic lid, seal it up and then seal the lid.

Make the seal in the center of the lid, and put a second seal on top of it.13.

Put wax seal on and seal the plastic, seal the wax and seal your next wax seal with the seal you just made.

You can also use a seal sealer or sealer to seal wax seals with wax and wax sealers.14.

Remove glue from glue sealers and seal them with wax sealer.15.

Place a wax sealed box on the lid and seal.16.

Place wax seal box on and cover the box with wax.17.

Seal and seal for up to a month.18.

Store wax seal in a cool, dry place, such as the garage, and use wax seal for several years.19.

Keep the seal sealed and clean with a soft cloth.

The sealer will keep the wax in place and the seal will last forever.20.

Wax seal kits are also good for sealing wax toys.