Why black seal is being protected at SeaWorld theme park

A group of black seal activists has protested against the theme park in Florida over its treatment of the animal.

The group called Black Sea Rising, or Black Sea, was planning a sit-in outside the park in Miami on Saturday and demanded an end to the captivity of black seals.

SeaWorld’s Black Sea exhibit was recently expanded to include orcas, and the animals were not allowed to be released to sea.

SeaLife International, which runs the park, told the Miami Herald that the group did not have valid documentation.

The Black Sea Rise protesters, who have also staged protests at Sea World theme parks in Orlando and San Diego, said that the new expansion of the SeaWorld exhibit is a “further violation” of the Black Sea seals’ natural rights to the sea.

“Black Sea Rising was formed in response to the Sea World exhibit and its ongoing abuse of black seabirds in the wild,” the group wrote on Facebook.

“SeaWorld has been caught red-handed for violating the Black Seals’ rights, and now is the time to demand that SeaWorld take a stand against the abuse and cruelty of captive Black Sea Seabirds.”

Black Sea Rise, which has received some media attention, said it plans to continue its protest until SeaWorld releases black seahorses, which it says are being held captive.

“This is a continuation of the call for the immediate release of Black Sea seahorse to the wild in Florida,” it wrote on its Facebook page.

Sea World said it will not comment on the protesters’ claims.