What’s in a name? A new trend in the U.S. seal hunt

A new breed of seal is being imported into the country.

A group of men in the Puget Sound region say they are importing a new breed.

They say they will not hunt seals because the seal meat is not meat, but rather seal skin.

They call it “skin seal” or “seal meat.”

They say it’s cheaper than seal, cheaper than seafood and cheaper than a lot of what you would buy in the grocery store.

They have started selling the product online and through the mail.

A Seattle-based meat company says the group is wrong.

They said it is more expensive than seal.

And the meat is made from seal meat.

I’ve got a guy in Washington State, and he’s got a contract that says, I’m going to ship you 100 pounds of seal meat,” said Ken Jones, the president of the Pugetside Meat Company.

Jones says the company makes it from seal, and the seal is sold through a mail order website.

The company has been in business since 2001.

He says they don’t sell it.

They don’t believe it’s a good product.

We don’t see a reason to ship it to the states because they don’t like it.

He said that if you go to the store and you buy seal meat, the seal should be on your plate.

Jones said the product is good for people who don’t like seals.

They make seal meat that is very healthy.

The group is trying to make it a reality in the state.

They are selling a limited number of packages of seal food at a price of $20 a pound.

Jones, the meat company’s president, says the money raised from the sale will be used to support local wildlife programs.