‘A baby harper seal and an Australian baby seal’ found dead in Victoria’s northern coast

A baby harpy seal and a baby seal have been found dead at a remote island off the coast of Western Australia, with one reportedly being the first to die.

The carcass was found in a shallow hole in the ground in the remote area of Haida Gwaii, on the Gulf of Carpentaria off the north coast of WA.

The seal, believed to be around seven years old, was found with a wound to its mouth and neck, and had been buried in a grave.

The two seal pupae were taken to the National Marine Mammal Center in WA’s north-west for identification.

The seal pupa has been sent to a vet for a necropsy, the WA Government said in a statement.

“The seal pupal was the first seal pup that was found dead on the island,” the statement said.

“It was also the first confirmed death in the area since the seal pup was found on the same site a few weeks ago.”

A post-mortem examination of the seal found that the seal had been in close contact with the seal for at least four to five weeks, the statement added.

It is not yet known whether the seal was pregnant or had been living in the island for some time.

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