When you really need to know how to clean your car

By now, you’ve probably seen the ads for female navy seal cleaners and they’re pretty great.

You know what they say: they do a lot of cleaning.

But how does one clean a female navy sea otter, a giant tortoise or a giraffe?

Well, it’s easy, you guessed it, with some simple spray cans.

The problem is, they’re not cheap and the spray cans can be a pain to clean.

So, here’s how to spray your own female navy otter with the best of female navy seals.1.

Get the proper spray can.

For a good, quality product, you need a spray can with a large enough hole for your seal to penetrate.

This is important because the female otter will try to dig in the can, but it can be hard to get the seal to stop.2.

Choose a clear plastic container with a clear lid.

The clear plastic can is easier to spray than the clear sealer or the silicone sealer.

The silicone can has a lot more surface area to work with, so it’ll make a lot easier to apply the sealer to your car.3.

Fill the can with water and seal it.

Make sure that the water is full and the seal is fully submerged.

You can also use a water pump to fill the container with water if you don’t have a can.4.

Let the seal soak for about five minutes.

This will make sure that your seal has enough time to absorb the water, and it’ll help the seal’s skin seal itself to the sealers protective shell.5.

When the seal has absorbed all the water in the spray can, spray the seal with a mixture of the seal oil and the silicone.

The seal oil should be diluted to 2% by volume.

Spray it once or twice a day and it should start to soften.6.

Use a silicone sealant.

You’ll want to spray the silicone with a silicone cleaner to keep the seal sealed.

You don’t want to leave it to dry overnight and the more silicone you use, the harder it will be to clean the seal.7.

Remove the seal from the can and wipe the seal off with a paper towel.

Repeat with the rest of the cans contents.8.

After you’ve cleaned your sealer and silicone, it may be time to put it away for good.

It’s best to leave the seal in the seal can for a couple of days before you remove it.

But don’t forget to wash it with soap and water.9.

Use your seal oil again to spray it on your car to help keep it sealed.