‘Tortured’ dolphins ‘killed’ in Texas hunt

A Texas hunting trip that resulted in the deaths of several dolphins is sparking criticism of a Texas law that allows the state to legally hunt them.

A new report released Monday by the Center for Biological Diversity says the killing of the dolphins was an “unprecedented” killing of an animal in the U.S.

The Center for Bio Diversity released the report after two dolphins were killed by a hunting trip in eastern Texas in July.

The report says the state Department of Natural Resources had previously claimed that the killing was an accident.

The department has since issued a statement saying that they did not intentionally kill any dolphins, and that there was no way to prove they were actually dolphins.

The center said it is now calling for an investigation into the death of the two dolphins.

It said the state should have released them from their tethers before killing them.

“Texas has allowed the Department of National Wildlife to kill dolphins for more than 40 years,” the Center said in a statement.

“Now that the public has learned that they were killed in an unplanned, unauthorized and illegal hunt, the department must act immediately to ensure these dolphins are never harmed again.

We urge the state of Texas to immediately immediately suspend this illegal killing program and prosecute the responsible officials involved.”

The Center also released a statement Tuesday saying that the two killed dolphins were named Kaitlyn and Roo.

Kaitlylyn was the smallest of the pair and was about 12 inches long and Rool was about 8 inches long.

The group of two was taken from a lake in northern Texas in September and killed during a hunting expedition.

“They were the last surviving surviving members of the family and their fate was sealed forever,” the statement read.

“In their final moments, they were trapped and killed by hunters who had no legal hunting permits.

Their mothers were rescued and taken into captivity by local law enforcement authorities.

The Department of Wildlife is currently investigating the killing and will prosecute whoever was responsible.”