Seal salaries in the water

SEAL PAYS $16.7 MILLION TO PAY for a new $4.7 billion vacuum seal jar seal in Seattle, Wash., in the largest contract in the nation’s history.

The $4 billion contract will seal nearly 10,000,000 sealed jars, a product that has been used by more than 30 countries to combat the deadly coronavirus, the Department of Defense said Friday.

The Seal Team 6 Seal, which is known as Sea Team 6, will spend about $2 million to secure the seal and make the jars.

The contract was awarded to the United States Navy Seal Team Six, an elite marine unit that works closely with the Navy SEALs and the U.S. Coast Guard to hunt and rescue people trapped in the ocean and search for victims in areas that are severely impacted by the coronaviruses.

The Navy says the seals are trained and certified in marine operations, environmental protection, medical care and life safety.

The seal will be made available to the public on Sept. 16.

The Navy said it will be able to pay for about $20 million of that for the sealers and a $4 million maintenance bill for the sealing equipment, according to a Navy statement.

The other $4,000 for Seal Team 5 is covered by the Department’s Seal Team Health program.