Inside the world of concrete sealer from PSA

When I started this project, I had no idea what concrete sealers looked like, how much they cost, or how they were made.

I didn’t even know where I’d get them from, or even if I’d ever need to buy them.

But after a year of working with PSA, I finally figured it out.

PSA made concrete sealants with its proprietary polymer-based gel.

It’s the same gel that is used in plastic wrap and in polyurethane foam, but with a more advanced molecular structure.

Pura is not the first company to use polymer-derived gel for cement sealers, but it’s the first to offer a commercial product with this technology. 

This gel has been used for years in various applications, from building materials to furniture, but this is the first time that PSA has been able to offer cement sealants in this way.

Psa also makes its own sealant, a product called Pura B, which uses a proprietary polymer compound that has a different molecular structure than its Pura gel cousin. 

To understand how Pura’s gel works, let’s start by looking at a few common cement sealant applications.

First, we need a couple of basic materials to explain the process. 

First, we want to understand how a gel is made. 

Here is a picture of a typical cement sealer gel that Pura has used in the past. 

Next, we’ll talk about how it’s used in cement sealings. 

Last, we’re going to take a look at the Pura adhesive itself.

Pura is using a proprietary polyureadienthane polymer that has been tested on a variety of applications.

PURA is a brand that has developed a unique gel-based adhesive that has proved durable and easy to apply. 

When Pura uses a gel as a sealant material, the polymer molecules are folded into a polymer matrix that is then attached to the gel, making it stick. 

In a typical application, a gel’s molecules are attached to a sealer surface, then the gel is applied. 

The sealer can be a steel frame or an aluminum base. 

Cement sealers can be applied to concrete, concrete base, or any other hard, rigid material. 

Pura’s polymer-gel adhesive can be used for many different applications, including: Acrylic sealers Permanent concrete sealant Metal sealersAcrylic concrete sealable surface sealantPura B polymer sealant